University de Castilla – La Mancha. Ciudad Real

European project

Fuel reformulation and its atmospheric implications.

Program: Environment and Climate. ENV4-CT97-03090.

Immobilization of heavy metals from .

industrial mining activities

Pilot experience for the case of mercury in the

Almadén district R&D

Project of the Program FEDER (IFD97-0814)

National Projects

Characterization of particles emitted by Diesel engines.
Project AMB97-0416-CO2-01MCYT.

Models for the prediction of emissions in Diesel engines.
MCYT PPQ-2001-1513 .

Heavy metals in the environment: the case of mercury
in Almadén. Analysis of remediation technologies
(PPQ2003-01902). National R + D + I Plan (2000-2003).
Photocatalytic degradation of aqueous plant effluents thermal by artificial or solar UV light. MEC.

Environmental Science and Technologies Program. CTM2007-61958 / TECNO

Pilot plant for the photocatalytic degradation of aqueous effluents
de centrales térmicas. Coming from thermal power plants. MEC Environmental.
Science and Technologies Program.
CTM2006-03170/TECNO (2007-2010)

Regional Project.

Solar energy as an alternative to artificial ultraviolet light
in the photocatalytic degradation of aqueous pollutants. (PAI06-0050-2582)

·Funding agency: Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha
·Period: from 09/05/06 hasta 08/05/08
Detoxificación solar fotoquímica en Planta Photochemical solar
detoxification in Pollutant Pilot Plant. present in industrial wastewater. Ministry of Education and Science
(PCI08-0047) (2008-2010)

Pilot plant study of the reduction of toxicity in industrial effluents
Ministry of Science and Technology.
(POII10-0114-3563) (2010-2013)

Purification of polluted water in the third world by sunlight. Ministry of Science and Technology. (PEII11-0205-8568) (2012–)

UCLM projects

Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants.
Emerging Groups Program. University of
Castilla la Mancha.

Photocatalytic degradation of textile waters containing
Reactive Blue 4.

  • 2 European Projects
  • 5 National Projects
  • 5 Regional Projects
  • 2 UCLM Projects

Infrastructure aids

C, H, N, S, O microsample analyzer. FEDER Infrastructure (MCYT) UNCM00-23-006.

Environmental Protection Laboratory at the Energy Research Institute

Solar photo-reactor to treat a large flow of industrial effluents. Infrastructure FEDER JCCM (Ref. FEDER22) (2008).

Solar / photovoltaic / ultraviolet autonomous industrial installation for wastewater treatment. Scientific and Technological Infrastructure FEDER (2010)